Murphy Square Anthology to Share Augsburg’s Literary History

Doug Green
Augsburg English professor Doug Green.

The history of an institution can be studied and celebrated from many different angles, one of which is its literary canon. Which Augsburg students and staff have been writing, about what, and when? What do these works say about its past, its character, and its evolution?

“We have been publishing Murphy Square, Augsburg’s student-run literary journal, for more than 40 years,” says English professor Doug Green, who has taken charge of the English department’s contribution to the sesquicentennial celebration. “We had been talking about putting together a collection of poetry by John Mitchell, a popular professor who died about 10 years ago. That got me thinking, and I’m not alone in this, about whether we could put something together about what literature has looked like at the College. Why not an anthology? Murphy Square represents the start of an ongoing tradition.”

A Shakespeare, literature, and creative writing professor for 28 years, Green writes poetry and creative nonfiction and has advised the annual literary journal on occasion. Like his colleagues, he has been published in it. But never has it undergone systematic review. Continue reading “Murphy Square Anthology to Share Augsburg’s Literary History”