Steps to Study Abroad

PACK for your international experience by following the steps below.

Profile: Create your Online Study Abroad Profile

You can do this by clicking here – it is your first step to study abroad!

Attend a Study Abroad Info Session

At the Study Abroad info session you’ll find out the basics about finances, scholarships, academics, and how to find the right program for you.
For daily schedules and location, click here

Choose: Search Programs and Apply

Choose from 300 + quality Augsburg College and Approved Affiliate programs in over 90 countries. Applying online is easy—just click “Apply Now” on the programs’ online brochure and make sure to complete your “Choose Your Program” questionnaire —this will prompt our staff to activate your Program Application.

Not sure which program is right for you? Here are some steps that should help you narrow down your options:

  • Use the program search tool to look for programs based on location, academic needs, personal goals and interests, etc
  • Consider the Featured programs — great options for Augsburg students!
  • Meet with your faculty/academic advisor to understand how study abroad fits into your 4 year plan and degree requirements
  • Sign up to attend a Program Selection Workshop in the Augsburg Abroad office. These 45 minute working sessions allow you to pinpoint your academic, career, financial, and personal goals, and learn how to match those with the best program for you. Workshops take place every Tuesday and Friday 2:15-3pm – click here to register.

After taking these steps, if you still need individual help making your program choice, please make an appointment with one of the Augsburg Abroad staff:

Key Dates: Keep Track of Application Deadlines

Complete the “Program Application” by the deadlines listed below. Click here to see Deadline Extensions

September 30: Spring Semester & Winter Break Programs

October 30: Spring Break Programs

January 30: Short-term Summer programs

March 1: Fall Semester, Academic year, and other Summer Programs