Business Administration

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Degree Requirements


The Department of Business Administration offers eight majors: business administration (BUS)accounting (ACC)finance (FIN),managementmanagement information systems (MIS)marketing (MKT—day program only)international business, and a combined major in business and economics.


Specializations provide students majoring in a field of study the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of a particular aspect of this major area. Within the business administration major there are two specializations: marketing (WEC only) and music business (DAY only).


Minors provide students the opportunity to study and obtain a professional credential in an area of study that is in addition to their major. Minors are available to students majoring in fields outside the Department of Business Administration, in addition to students majoring in other areas in the Department of Business Administration. The Department of Business Administration offers six minors: business administration (only available to non-business majors), international business, music business, accounting, management information systems, and marketing.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs in the Department of Business Administration are designed to meet the needs of working people looking for specific skills to help them in their job, or to pursue a new career. The department offers certificates in information technology, business management, and business finance through the Weekend College program. Certificates are only available to students that are not pursuing a major/degree. Please click on the links below for the requirements of each certificate.

Business Management Certificate Program

Business Finance Certificate Program

Information Technology Certificate