Campus Activities and Orientation (CAO)


Campus Activities and Orientation (CAO) strives to create innovative programming that fosters individual and community development and that creates an environment where students can connect, engage, and invest in the Augsburg community.


Campus Activities and Orientation (CAO) recognizes the benefits associated with the first-year experience and student engagement outside of the classroom. We work to enhance and supplement the liberal arts instruction at Augsburg College through quality transitional programs for new students as well as through leadership education for new and continuing students.

CAO Program Areas

1) Campus Activities:  CAO offers several programs and activities throughout the academic year designed to connect and engage students with the Augsburg and surrounding community.

2) Orientation Programs:

SOAR Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) is a required two-day overnight summer orientation experience for all incoming first-year students who will be starting at Augsburg College for the upcoming fall semester. SOAR is designed to help with the transition to Augsburg and allows students to register for fall classes; meet fellow classmates and faculty and staff; learn about college resources and services; explore the campus and surrounding community; obtain an Augsburg College student ID; and get a taste for life on campus.

Parent SOAR is an optional two-day orientation experience for the parents of incoming first-year students that runs concurrently with the student SOAR sessions. Parents will obtain important information about the campus; meet fellow parents, current students, faculty, and staff; learn about college resources and services; and get a taste of what life will be like for their student on campus. Evening Parent SOAR is available for parents who cannot attend one of the two-day Parent SOAR sessions. This abbreviated program will cover the basic information provided in the two-day Parent SOAR sessions.

Transfer SOAR is a required day-long orientation experience for transfer students designed to help with the transition to Augsburg College.  Students will learn about college resources and services, hear about academic programs, and discover why being a part of the Augsburg community is so rewarding.

Auggie Days is a required week-long orientation experience for incoming first-year students designed to compliment SOAR, provide opportunities to enhance academic and personal success, and offer a helpful advantage in starting at Augsburg College.

3) Student Leadership Development:

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is an initiative designed to develop new leadership at Augsburg College by empowering first-year students to cultivate and to apply their inherent leadership skills through a semester-long skill-building training program.

Student Group Development workshops and advising are available on topics ranging from inclusion, recruitment, event planning, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, and other pertinent areas.

4) Student Organizations:  Students have the opportunity to become involved in a number of different student groups at Augsburg College.  Participation allows students to meet fellow classmates, have fun, and lead and develop a group around a common purpose while making an impact on both the Augsburg and greater community.