Student Organizations Handbook

A PDF version of the 2015-2016 Student Organizations Handbook can be downloaded here.

Augsburg College invites students to form student organizations based on common activities, beliefs, goals, and interests.

Student organizations contribute to the mission of Augsburg College by providing students with opportunities for leadership, engagement, networking, skill-building, identity development, and more in order to educate students to be informed citizens, thoughtful stewards, critical leaders, and responsible leaders.

Research has found that involvement in student organizations:

  • Improves students’ interpersonal skills;
  • Has a positive influence on skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, organizing, decision-making and planning;
  • Gives students a greater satisfaction with their college experience;
  • Provides useful experience in obtaining a job and providing job-related skills; and
  • Develops lifelong values of volunteerism and service to others.

This Handbook aims to provide information and guidance on College policies pertaining to the rights, roles, and responsibilities that student organizations have.