Advertising & Publicity

There are a number of ways student organizations can publicize themselves and their events for free on campus!

Click here to submit announcements in the A-Mail. Submissions are due by 10:00 a.m. each weekday, and they must be submitted manually each day you want them placed in the A-Mail.

Digital Display Screens
Click here to request a digital display screen. These screens are located across campus. Marketing and Communications requests that screens be requested at least 2 weeks before they need to be displayed. Your information will appear on the screens for up to 2 weeks.

Display Cases
Click here to request a display case in Christensen Center. Display cases may be reserved for 2-4 weeks.

The Echo is the official student-run newspaper of Augsburg College. To submit a free advertisement, email

Floor Signs
Floor signs are permitted in the Christensen Center Lobby provided that permission is granted from Event and Conference Planning. Floor signs must be adhered to the floor using gaffers tape and can be displayed for a maximum of 10 days. Floor signs that are unauthorized, have been adhered to the floor using non-gaffers tape, or have been displayed longer than 10 days will be immediately removed.

Inside Augsburg Calendar
Click here to submit events for the calendar on Inside Augsburg.

Student organizations may post across campus and inside the residence halls, provided they adhere to college policy.

Sidewalk Chalking
Chalking on campus sidewalks is allowed provided that permission is granted from Event and Conference Planning. Your student organization’s name must be clearly written next to each chalked message in order to identify your writings. Messages in chalk that are unauthorized or unattributed to a student organization will be immediately removed.

Once your event is complete, you must submit a Facilities request to have your chalking removed.

Table Tents
Contact to inquire about placing table tents in Einstein’s, Nabu, the Commons, Student Lounge, and/or the Auggie’s Nest.