Off-Campus Traveling

Individual students or student organizations that use any monies from the Student Activity Fee to pay for off-campus travel must abide by the following policies.

Travel Waiver & Release of Liability Form

If you or your student organization is traveling 50+ miles away from Augsburg, or if the event is within 50 miles but is “high-risk” (i.e., a water park, ValleyFair, etc.), every Augsburg student in attendance must complete an online Off-Campus Travel Waiver Form (or, if under 18 years of age, complete and sign a physical copy).  This form must be completed before you or your student organization leaves campus.

The Off-Campus Travel Waiver Form is not needed if the event is nearby and has a low risk of injury, such as going to a restaurant.

Faculty or Staff Accompaniment

Students must be accompanied by an Augsburg College faculty or staff member throughout the duration of their off-campus trip. Typically, this person is your student organization’s advisor, but if your advisor is unable to attend, it is the responsibility of your student organization to find another faculty or staff member to accompany your members on the trip. If you are unable to find any faculty or staff members to accompany you, your student organization cannot travel off-campus using monies from your student organization’s budget and/or Student Activity Fee dollars.

Individual students attending a conference or academic event funded by the Student Activity Fee may be granted an exemption from needing a faculty or staff accompaniment depending on individual circumstances. To be considered for such an exemption, contact Michael Grewe at least 2 weeks before traveling.


Students, staff, and faculty may utilize their own vehicles to travel to an off-campus event sponsored by the Student Activity Fee. Gas and mileage reimbursement ($0.50/mile for the latter) are available if and only if the funding is available in the student organization’s budget (or if it was approved by the AU Council or Day Student Government). Otherwise, students, staff, and faculty are responsible for these costs themselves.

Student organizations may rent cars or vans, reserve buses, or purchase airline tickets for off-campus travel.   Click here for more information about vehicle rental, bus rental, and air travel expectations and policies.

Mobile Device Use by Drivers

Augsburg College prohibits any student, staff, or faculty member from using a mobile or electronic device while one is driving a motor vehicle to a Student Activity Fee-sponsored event. This includes calling, texting, checking email, browsing websites, or utilizing any other applications on a mobile or electronic device. Emergency calls that a driver makes to 9-1-1 are exempt from this policy.