Contests, Raffles & Tourneys

What types of contests and tournaments are allowed on campus?
Contests and tournaments of skill (not chance) are allowed on campus, including but not limited to basketball tosses, obstacle courses, and essay contests, among other things.

According to Minnesota state law, the following contents and tournaments of chance are allowed on campus provided that absolutely no money is exchanged, either as a admittance fee or as a suggested donation for participation:

  • Prize Drawings.
  • Lotto, also known as “bingo.” However, you cannot use the word “bingo” in any advertising, during the event, or on the cards you use.
  • Card Tournaments. Any chips you use cannot have any monetary value associated with them, and chips cannot be exchanged for money at any point.

Any advertisement for prize drawings, lotto, or card tournaments must state that there is no cost to participate.

What types of contests or tournaments are not allowed on campus?
Any type of tournament or contest of chance where money has been exchanged is considered gambling and is illegal under Minnesota state law without a gambling permit.  This includes roulette; push tabs; scratch off games; and prize drawings, bingo games, and card games that involve the exchange of money.

Also, contests that involve equipment that could cause damage to College property are not allowed (e.g., water dunking tank, etc.).

Can my student organization obtain a gambling permit?
No. Augsburg College prohibits student organizations from engaging in any sort of gambling activities on its property regardless of if such a permit has been obtained from the state.