Copyrighted Works

Student organizations must obtain permission before showing or using any copyrighted works on campus. Copyright infringement is a serious offense under the law and is the equivalent of stealing. If you or your student organization want to use a copyrighted work in a public space on Augsburg College property, you will be asked to provide proof that you have obtained the rights—or permission—to show or use the material. Below lists Augsburg College’s policies regarding film and movie screenings, video games, and music.

Film & Movie Screenings

All student organizations must obtain the rights to screen any film or movie before showing it on campus. Film rentals are intended for private use, so renting a film does not provide you with the permission you need to have a public showing in which an audience is invited. 

Getting permission is fairly easy, though obtaining the rights to most films will require funding. Most movies come from one of two film distributors. You may click on one of the following links below to see each distributor’s movie choices, as well as how to contact them:

If SWANK or Criterion do not have rights to the film you wish to screen, search for the film on Internet Movie Database to see if you can find its distributor in order to contact them directly. If you still cannot find the film’s distributor, contact CAO at for additional help.

If your student organization decides to screen a film on campus without getting and paying for the rights to a film, your student organization will be fined $300 or the cost it would have been to screen your particular film, whichever is higher. Commissioned student organizations will be fined by directly charging their budgets. Chartered student organizations will be fined by directly charging the student accounts of the officers on record with CAO.

Video Games

Video games that are copyrighted are usually intended for individual or private use. You may need to contact the distributor to play them publicly and with large groups as a part of a student organization event.


Augsburg has licensing agreements with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC that generally cover the use of performances by student organizations for events held on-campus. For questions about this, contact Kristin Hansen.