Finance & Grants

Student organizations will likely have to deal with finances at some point during the academic year. Below are some guidelines and policies to make it easier for student groups to manage their finances:

How does my student organization ask for money?
Commissioned student organizations receive a yearly budget and are notified at the beginning of each fall semester what they have been allocated. For questions about your student organization’s budget, contact Michael Grewe.

Chartered and commissioned student organizations may ask for grants throughout the academic year from either Day Student Government or the Adult Undergraduate Student Advisory Council. To apply for either grant, see below:

Can my student organization fundraise on campus?
Yes. Click here to learn about our fundraising policies.

Who can access our student organization’s budget or any grant monies we may receive?
Each student organization has an “authorized signer” on file with Campus Activities and Orientation. This person is the only student who has access to your funds; typically, this person is the Treasurer, but they do not have to be.  To inquire about or to change your student organization’s authorized signer, contact Michael Grewe.

Your advisor also has access to your student organization’s monies.

How do I obtain cash from our budget or from a grant we have received?
Your student organization’s authorized signer must obtain a Cash Distribution Form, located in the Administrative Accounting office in Science 148.  The Cash Distribution Form must be turned in at least 3 business days before the cash is needed.

  • For cash requests less than $100: The student can simply fill out the form without a signature and receive the cash.
  • For cash requests between $100-$500: The form must be signed by your student organization’s advisor. Michael Grewe or Joanne Reeck may also sign.
  • For cash requests over $500: The form must be signed by Michael Grewe or Joanne Reeck. Cash requests of this size are typically discouraged.

What do I do after I’m done purchasing items with cash?
After you are done purchasing your items, bring all receipts and remaining cash back to the Administrative Accounting office within 2 weeks of initially withdrawing your cash. Remaining cash and receipts that have not been returned will be charged to the student’s personal financial account with the College.

How do I cut a check to a vendor?
Contact Carole Kampf in Administrative Accounting about what is needed to get a check processed. All checks must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance of when they are needed.

Are there any limits to what we can spend?
You must contact Michael Grewe or Joanne Reeck for any purchases your student organization is making that are over $2,500 and that do not involve a contract. See the Event Planning & Contracts Policy on how to get contracts signed (of any amount).