Food & Beverages

For the protection of students, staff, and the public attending a meeting, conference, special event, etc. held by a student group on Augsburg College property, food must be prepared in, and/or provided by A’viands, Augsburg’s contracted dining services provider or an approved licensed commercial food service.

Events & Meetings with 25+ People

If your student organization is planning an event or meeting that will have 25 or more people in attendance, and you plan on having food, you are required to utilize A’viands as your caterer/source of food and beverage.  A’viands is Augsburg’s contracted dining services provider and will be able to offer your student organization great service and competitive prices.

Event and Conference Planning may grant an exemption to utilize an outside caterer if and only if A’viands is unable to prepare or offer a certain type of food that is needed for a specific event.

Click here to browse A’viands’ catering offerings for student organizations.

Small Events & Meetings

If your student organization is planning an event or meeting that will have less than 25 people in attendance, you may utilize other vendors besides A’viands.  However, any vendor your organization uses must be either a licensed caterer or an approved commercial source of food. Under no circumstances can home-prepared food be served.

What is an “approved commercial source of food?”
An approved commercial source of food can be any restaurant, caterer, retail food store, grocery store, deli, etc., that is licensed by the health authority in the community where the commercial business is located.

What is a “caterer?”
A caterer must have a license from the state health authority allowing the business to prepare food, and have approved equipment for transportation, set-up, and serving of food at any location. A caterer also returns all food service equipment and potentially hazardous leftovers to its licensed facility.

For more details, click here for a comprehensive version of Augsburg College Food and Beverage Policy.