Student organizations are welcome to fundraise on campus, provided they adhere to the following regulations.

How does a student organization reserve a table?
If you do plan on fundraising through tabling on campus, they may be reserved through Event and Conference Planning.  Make sure to pick up a vendor permit from the Event and Conference Planning office, located on the 2nd level of Christensen Center, immediately before you are scheduled to begin your tabling shift.

What things do we need to keep in mind while fundraising?

  1. The name of the sponsoring student organization must appear prominently in all advertising and other communications connected with the sales and/or fundraising effort.
  2. Activities conducted by student organizations using Augsburg facilities must not interfere with orderly operations on campus.
  3. Student organizations may not rent out or loan out equipment, facilities, or rooms belonging to the College.
  4. Student organizations may not conduct prize drawings, bingo games, card tournaments, or other games of chance to raise funds.

Are auctions allowed?
Yes. However, individuals’ personal services (dates, cleaning one’s apartment/house, etc.) may not be auctioned off under any circumstance.

Are bake sales allowed?
No. The City of Minneapolis’ ordinances prohibit bake sales.

Where do we deposit the money after our fundraiser?
Any monies fundraised on Augsburg College property must be deposited into your student organization’s financial account at Augsburg. To do this, you may take your funds to the Administrative Accounting office in Science 148. Under no circumstances may funds be deposited into an individual’s bank account.