Education for Vocation Opportunity in Mexico

The Center for Global Education and Experience, in partnership with the Bernhard Christensen Center for Vocation, is pleased to offer Education for Vocation: An International Professional Development Seminar.  This seminar will take place in Cuernavaca, Mexico from July 11-July 19, 2015 and is designed for educators from a variety of backgrounds and institutions.  Participants will explore diverse cultural and theological understandings of vocation and the impact of cross-cultural encounters upon vocation.  The group will engage with a broad cross-section of Mexican society regarding the different way that their vocations have been shaped by their cultural, theological, and social locations.  There will be ample opportunity to explore new ways to help your students and constituents reflect upon their vocations in today’s global context and share ideas with colleagues from other US-based institutions.

More information:

Price: $1635
Registration deadline: March 23, 2015