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Our Staff

covid-19 adjustments

The Christensen Center for Vocation suite in Memorial 233 will not be open to regular office hours due to Covid-19 restrictions. Staff are mostly working remotely at this time. Zoom meetings or socially distant one-on-ones can be scheduled as needed directly with CCV staff.

At this time, the fasted way to connect with CCV is by emailing one of our staff directly.

Christensen Center for Vocation Staff

Jeremy's HeadshotJeremy Myers, PhD   (he/him)

Executive Director Christensen Center for Vocation

Director of Theology & Public Leadership Degree Program

Kristina's HeadshotKristina Frugé   (she/her)

Managing Director Christensen Center for Vocation

Riverside Innovation Hub Program Manager

Adrienne Kuchler Eldridge HeadshotAdrienne Kuchler Eldridge   (she/her)

Public Church Scholars Program Director

Theology and Public Leadership Programs

Amanda Vetsch   (she/her)

Riverside Innovation Hub

Congregational Coordinator