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Bernhard Christensen Center for Vocation (CCV)

What’s new with the CCV?

  • We are in the midst of transition, both within CCV and our new Division of Mission. Note there will soon be more information about CCV and the newly developing Interfaith at Augsburg: An institute to Promote Inter-Religious Leadership.
  • The Riverside Innovation Hub is studying and collaborating with local congregations engaging creatively with young adults. Find out more about the project

Connecting Faith, Scholarship, Service, World

The Christensen Center for Vocation is a natural outgrowth of Augsburg’s commitment to the theological exploration of vocation. This commitment rises from the belief that all people have the capacity to be agents of God’s love by using their gifts and talents to serve their neighbor. By promoting and supporting activities that provide opportunities for deep reflection, the CCV helps students, staff, faculty, and friends of the University discern their life purpose in service to the world.

The fundamental principles that inspire and guide all CCV endeavors are the five lessons learned from Bernhard M. Christensen, president of Augsburg University from 1938-1962:

  • Christian faith liberates minds and lives.
  • Diversity strengthens vital communities.
  • Interfaith friendships enrich learning.
  • The love of Christ draws us to God.
  • We are called to service in the world.

Learn about Vocation at Augsburg University in an article by Mark Tranvik, Christensen Center for Vocation Fellow.