Faculty Research Interests:

Please click on each faculty name to learn more about their research interests and current projects.

  • Dr. Ron Fedie: Physical, fuel chemistry
  • Dr. Vivian Feng: Analytical, bioanalytical, nanomaterial, and green chemistry
  • Dr. David Hanson: Atmospheric chemistry, mass spectrometry
  • Dr. Joan Kunz: Biophysics (in collaboration with the Stottrup lab in Physics)
  • Dr. Sandra Olmsted: Medicinal chemistry
  • Dr. Michael Wentzel: Organometallic chemistry, polymers, green chemistry

URGO Summer Research Videos:

Interested in Summer Research:

2012 Summer research students with advisers

If you are interested in exploring summer research on campus, there is a variety of opportunities:

  • Talk to your professors!
  • Check out the URGO website for summer research funding application (usually due in Feb)
  • Check out the McNair office website to see if you qualify as a McNair Scholar (especially if you are freshmen or sophomore)

Recent Students Research Presentations:

  • Glasoe, W.; Hanson, D. “Sulfuric Acid Nucleation: A Systematic Study of the Effect of Bases”, 31st annual American Association for Aerosol Research, 10/2012, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Buchman, J.T.; Mueller, D. L.Developing a characterization method for autoreactive B Cells in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus”Lupus Foundation of MN Presentation, 08/2012, Minneapolis, MN
  • Frew, K.; Feng, Z.V. “Continuous flow synthesis of consumable chemicals”, 243rd ACS National Meeting, 03/2012, San Diego, CA.
  • Buchman, J.T.; Feng, Z.V. “Dendrimer encapsulated Pd nanoparticle catalyzed decomposition of polychlorinated biphenyls”, 243rd ACS National Meeting, 03/2012, San Diego, CA.
  • Ernst, C.; Penn, R.L.; Feng, Z.V. “Synthesis and characterization of dendrimer-encapsulated Fe nanoparticles”, MRSEC Summer Research Symposium, 08/2009, Minneapolis, MN.