Forensics - Fine Arts Scholarship

The Forensics Scholarship recognizes incoming students who have excelled in contest speech activities and who plan to actively participate in the forensics program at Augsburg. This renewable reward of $3,000 per year is based on an on-campus audition or presentation. Applicants need not major in communication studies.

Recipients of the forensics scholarship must:

  • Compete in at least three speech tournaments per semester
  • Maintain an Augsburg GPA of 3.0
  • Complete other departmental requirements as assigned by the Director of Forensics.

Applicants must:

Amount:  $3,000 per year, with one full tuition scholarship awarded to the top Fine Arts student. Fine Arts Scholarships are renewable for up to four years.

Deadline for Application: The Fine Arts Scholarship Deadline has passed for incoming Fall 2016 First-Year students. If you are a TRANSFER STUDENT who would like to apply upon your admission to Augsburg College, you can do so by filling out the respective application based on your fine arts interest.

Scholarship Weekend Auditions: February, 2017


Though not need-based, these awards may be part of a total need-based financial package. Subsequent renewal is at the discretion of the Director of Forensics.

In order to interview for a Forensics Scholarship, you must first be admitted to Augsburg College and plan to be a full-time student seeking your first bachelor’s degree. Students currently enrolled at Augsburg College may not apply. Scholarship recipients need not major in communications studies, but must participate in speech team, including a minimum of 6 speech meets. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND SCHOLARSHIP WEEKEND, PLEASE CONTACT JENNA OBLER AT 612-330-1585 or




Produce a video that illustrates your ability as a speaker. The recording should not exceed 10 minutes. You can upload the video file or provide a web link in the application form above.


This form should be completed by the primary high school coach. Augsburg College Fine Arts Scholarships in Forensics are awarded to incoming students who have excelled in and demonstrate exceptional potential in speech. Recipients are selected based on the student’s scholarship application, résumé, teacher recommendation, a video audition, and an on-campus interview.



In a one-page Word document, summarize your speech accomplishments. Upload the document as part of your application above.


Students selected as finalists for the Augsburg College Forensics Scholarship will be invited to campus for an audition to be held during Scholarship Weekend, February 13-14, 2015. Finalists who are unable to attend Audition Day may make alternative arrangements by contacting Jenna Obler, as noted above. It is advantageous for the student to audition on campus.