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Music Business Majors and Minors

The music business major prepares students to enter today’s music industry and to pursue career opportunities where the arts and commerce intersect. Courses combined with field observations and internships create a comprehensive and eclectic program unique to Augsburg while taking advantage of the vibrant Twin Cities music scene. In addition, arts experiences within this program prepare students for careers in fields such as the recording industry, studio production, touring, management, and others. This program allows both the performing artist and the business student to pursue music business studies. The music business major has two tracks: the Bachelor of Arts in Music with Music Business Concentration (designed with a music emphasis) and the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with Specialization in Music Business (intended for the business student).

The Music Business Degree (Bachelor of Arts in Music, Music Business)

The BA in Music Business is the most comprehensive preparation for a career in the music industry available in the Twin Cities. In addition to our distinguished faculty, our program relies heavily on the advantages of being part of the Twin Cities’ thriving music scene. You can expect guests to pop into classes that you heard on the radio on your way into class (See “Guests” below). In addition to coursework, students also take part in an internship program working with some of the best artists, venues, studios, and agencies in the area.

The Business-Music Business Degree (Bachelor of Arts in Business, Music Business)

The BA in Business (Music Business track) is very similar to the BA in Music above. The main difference is that students will spend more time in business-focused classes than in music-focused classes. This is a good program for students who are primarily interested in management, and not in performing or studio work.

The Music Business Minor

The music business minor is a great addition to any music degree program. In it students will learn the fundamentals of the music industry, entrepreneurship, and how to make a living with their music. It is ideal for students who are considering a life in music after college and want a firm grounding in the business principles involved in the industry.

The Music Production Minor

The music production minor puts students in the recording studio, and has them produce tracks from day one. This minor takes advantage of the new Grangaard Recording Studio and prepares students for working in a professional recording studio, producing music for themselves or others, and working professionally. This minor is open to any major at Augsburg, not just music majors.

More about the program

Internship Placements

Augsburg Music Business students and graduates have had unique opportunities within the music industry both locally and nationally. The lists below include examples of internship placements and employers of graduates of the Music Business program.

In addition, our music business alumni currently work at the following organizations:

  • Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, St. Paul MN
  • The Dakota, Minneapolis MN
  • The Schubert Theatre, Minneapolis MN
  • Clear Channel Communications; iHeartMedia
  • CBS Radio Minneapolis
  • 101.3 KDWB
  • Guthrie Theater
  • Fine Line Music Cafe
  • KFAI
  • Minnesota Public Radio, St. Paul MN
  • Palm Pictures, New York City NY
  • Club 3 Degrees, Minneapolis MN
  • Sony Music Nashville, Nashville TN
  • Interscope Records, Santa Monica CA
  • In the Groove Music, Minneapolis MN
  • First Avenue, Minneapolis MN
  • and many others

Friends of the PRogram

Every semester the music business program is the home to a host of special guests lectures, presentations, and just hang-out sessions with some of the top musicians in the area. Including:

  • Bionik (Producer: Lizzo)
  • Dessa (Rapper, Author)
  • Ashley DuBose (Finalist on “The Voice”)
  • Sophia Eris (DJ for Lizzo, Rapper, Singer, Producer)
  • Megan Hamilton (DJ, Producer)
  • Psalm One (Rapper, Producer, Rhymesayers Entertainment)
  • Sean McPhearson (On-Air personality, 89.3 The Current)
  • Becky Shaheen (Music supervisor, In The Groove Music)
  • James Taylor (Booker, First Ave)


Dr. J. Anthony Allen

 Dr. J. Anthony Allen
Assistant Professor – Music, Media, and Management
Music Business Program Coordinator
Anderson Music Hall M21-F

Blake Iverson

Blake Iverson
Instructor, Music Business
Anderson Music Hall

Dr. Mike Krajewski

Mike Krajewski
Studio Artist
Anderson Music Hall M8

Scott Legere

Instructor, Music Business
Anderson Music Hall M25-D