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Music Majors and Minors

The Bachelor of Arts degree in music is the traditional liberal-arts music degree. The idea of a liberal-arts education is rooted in the notion of a balanced and well-rounded exposure to a variety of different fields and disciplines, and it has always been thought that the perfect time in which to try out these different areas—to experiment—before moving on to career-oriented specialization is during one’s four years of undergraduate study.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is consequently designed to offer the least restriction and the greatest freedom in choosing elective courses beyond the core requirements of the standard music-major curriculum.  For the student who wants to major in music at the undergraduate level, but who is also attracted to other areas of study and who therefore hasn’t yet made decisions about what to specialize in after college or whether a career in music is a real possibility, the music BA is the degree of choice.

The Music Degree (Bachelor of Arts in Music)

The BA in Music is the most versatile music degree available in the Twin Cities. It is designed for students who want to explore a career in music, or in the arts in general, but don’t want to commit to a specific path like music business, education, or therapy. This is a perfect degree for someone who can’t imagine their life without music but still wants to explore their options.

The Music Degree with Creativity Concentration (Bachelor of Arts in Music with Creativity Concentration)

The BA in Music with a creativity emphasis is designed for the aspiring songwriter, composer, or producer. The focus of this degree is on creating music. Students will spend time studying diverse music, in one-on-one composition and performance lessons, and in the studio recording their songs and arrangements. This program is ideal for students interesting in writing music for film, TV, video games, or advertisements.

The Music Degree with Performance Concentration (Bachelor of Arts in Music with Performance Concentration)

The BA in Music with a performance concentration is for the student who sees their life existing on the stage. Students in the performance concentration will spend a large amount of time studying one-on-one with our stellar performance faculty. Unlike other performance degrees, our performance concentration still gives students the benefit of a full BA degree. That means they will have the opportunity to explore diverse musics, venues, their community, and cultural issues surrounding the music they are studying.

The Music Minor

The Music Minor is a great addition to any degree at Augsburg University. Students in the music minor participate in lessons, ensembles, theory, history, and more. It is an ideal degree program for students who have decided on a different career path, but want to keep music as a significant part of their life.

The Music Production Minor

The Music Production minor puts students in the recording studio, and has them produce tracks from day one. This minor takes advantage of the new Grangaard Recording Studio and prepares students for working in a professional recording studio, producing music for themselves or others, and working professionally. This minor is open to any major at Augsburg, not just music majors.

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Jill Dawe

 Jill Dawe

Associate Professor, piano
Anderson Music Hall, Music 13

Merilee Klemp

Merilee Klemp

Associate Professor, piano
Professor, oboe & Music History

Dr. J. Anthony Allen

 Dr. J. Anthony Allen

Assistant Professor – Music, Media, and Management
Music Business Program Coordinator
Anderson Music Hall M21-F

Rafael Rodriguez

Rafael Rodriguez

Orchestra/Jazz Conductor

And our acclaimed studio artists.