Scott LeGere

Adjunct Instructor

For the past 25 years, Scott LeGere has played key roles in the ownership, operation, and strategic direction of academic institutions, independent record labels, music and education non-profits, and commercial production companies. During this time, he has engineered Grammy nominated albums, produced award winning multimedia content for major brands, lectured nationally at conferences and events, and foolishly hauled both Yamaha CP-70s and Hammond B3s (sometimes concurrently) to gigs while watching the music and entertainment industries transform dramatically in the process. In April 2023, Scott was named the “Dr. Dwayne Orr Teacher of the Year” at Minnesota State Mankato where he served as an Assistant Professor in Music Industries from 2018 to 2023. Drawing on news, data, and industry developments sometimes only a few hours old, Scott has always worked to synthesize topics and trends that inspire, empower and transcend classrooms, boardrooms, and civic communities alike.

Now having relocated back to the Twin Cities, Scott is splitting his time between education, advocacy, and creative production. With a myriad of technology and education-based initiatives in the works, he believes there are indeed growing career opportunities for those interested in the intersections of art, culture, and media. However, Scott cautions that the valued skills of the future might involve collaborating on jingle lyrics that rhyme with “broccoli” for a grocery chain, managing crowdfunding campaigns, or performing in the metaverse while minting NFTs. Possibly even simultaneously.
Still, he also emphasizes that despite how crowded (and increasingly complex) or creative ecosystem might seem, the inspiration for the next song that changes our world for the better could be only a moment, strum, or conversation away.