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Getting Started in Music at Augsburg

We invite ALL students at Augsburg to participate in music. Whether you are a singer, instrumentalist, producer, rapper, or DJ – we have opportunities for you at Augsburg.  Do you want to learn more?  Here are 3-easy steps to get started!

#1 – Learn more about Music at Augsburg

Virtual Discover Music Days:

These Zoom sessions are an introduction to Music at Augsburg where you can meet our highly talented and caring instructors, and learn more about your individualized opportunities in the department for both music majors AND non-music majors. Register today for our next scheduled session:

  • NEW Dates for 2022-2023 will be added in the fall!
  • For more information about entering Augsburg Music in the Fall 2022, please reach out directly to

In-Person Music Visit Days:

Find your place in music at Augsburg by attending a music class, speaking with faculty about degree interests, meeting with current Augsburg music students and sitting in on ensemble rehearsals! This is also a great time to complete the requirements to qualify for the Music Performance Awards (more details below). Registration links for the following In-Person Music Visit Dates open NOW:

  • NEW Dates for 2022-2023 will be added in the fall!
  • For more information about entering Augsburg Music in the Fall 2022, please reach out directly to

Should you be unable to attend any of these sessions, contact the music office as soon as possible to assure that your Music Performance Award and Augsburg Applications receive full consideration.


The Music Performance Awards are available to incoming Auggies for 2022-2023. These awards are a one-year award that funds the recipient the cost of lesson fees, up to $1,600, for qualified Augsburg students who plan to continue actively participating in music lessons & ensembles while at Augsburg. Students need not major or minor in music to receive this award! Here are a few important items to help you begin:

  • First Apply to Augsburg to begin the process of receiving a Music Performance Award from the music department.
  • On your application, be sure to enter Music as an interest in the Activities and Interests section – This will activate the Music Performance Award as an option you may qualify for!
  • Finally, to formally receive & accept the Music Performance Award, a brief performance assessment with Augsburg faculty will be scheduled, either in person or online. During this time, faculty will hear you perform on your primary instrument, learn a bit more about your musical background, chat about your degree & program interests at Augsburg, and answer any questions.

This award will be used to fund the cost of music lessons for both fall and spring of 2022-23. Students are required to complete the performance assessment prior to August 1, 2022 to qualify.

#3 – Are you ready to see what Music at Augsburg could look like for you?

Apply Now

Frequently asked questions:

What should I perform during my meeting with faculty?
See this attached document for more detailed information

I have more questions for the music department, where do I start?
Use this form to Request More Information. You can ask specific questions for both the music and admission departments, and this form provides the music department with some additional details to help match you with the best faculty member!

Or, you can email the Music Office at with your question(s) and contact information. We will direct your inquiry to the appropriate faculty member.