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Choral Studies

Welcome to Choral Studies at Augsburg University!

Our program serves music majors and non-majors alike. We are committed to:

  • Supporting your joy in the practice and performance of vocal harmony.
  • Expanding your technical control over your own vocal instrument.
  • Strengthening your comprehension and use of the theoretical and aural tools of independent musicianship.
  • Exploring a diversity of vocal-harmony traditions as unique records of human and community experience.
  • Pursuing choral singing as peace-practice: within our campus community, together with partners in the Twin Cities metro area, and as citizens of the world.

There is a place for you in one of our curricular ensembles, and we will help you find it.

Our partnerships with a host of world-class professionals support exceptional performance experiences in vocal-harmony traditions from throughout the centuries and across the continents.

Augsburg/Mirandola Chamber Collective

MUE 111-A Augsburg Choir, Sec I: Chamber Collective, M/W/F 3:10-4:30 p.m.

This course brings students into weekly side-by-side study, rehearsal, and performance collaboration with the professional chamber artists of The Mirandola Ensemble. The course is open by audition to students with firm grounding in vocal technique, applied scale theory, and sightsinging of diatonic melodies and intervals. Anyone aspiring to pass the audition is encouraged to contact the director, Kristina Boerger, D.M.A. for tutoring. Students enrolled in this ensemble will also perform the international repertoire at the center of the Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Project. (See below.)

Augsburg Global Harmony Choir

MUE 111-B Augsburg Choir, Sec II: Global Harmony Choir,  M/W/F 4:40-6 pm.

Available to all students who can carry a tune, this choir assumes no music-reading ability for entry or for the attainment of successful performance in its survey of folk, classical, and popular styles. The core of the curriculum is shared weekly with our community cohort, open to anyone in the greater Metro area for participation in the Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Project. This choir receives direct instruction from culture-bearers sharing their vocal harmony traditions from many continents. Our artist-instructors, teaching via the oral method, have taught us in regional styles from Appalachia, Bosnia, Corsica, Cuba, the Republic of Georgia, Iran, Madagascar, Nigeria, Quebec, Siberia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, and the traditional Black gospel churches of the United States. Public-school instructors will receive Continuing Education credits for participation in this choir.

Download our latest brochure here.

The unique curricular programming for choirs at Augsburg is made possible by the John N. Schwartz Endowment for Choral Leadership.