Music - Fine Arts Scholarship

To be considered for a Fine Arts Scholarship in Music, applicants must:

  • Complete the Fine Arts Scholarship application below
  • Submit a music résumé
  • Have teacher submit recommendation
  • Audition during the Scholarship Weekend

Please note: Your music resume and teacher recommendation may be submitted via e-mail to or faxed to 612-330-1590.

Amount:  $3,000 per year, with one full tuition scholarship awarded to the top Fine Arts student. Fine Arts Scholarships are renewable for up to four years.

Deadline for Application: The Fine Arts Scholarship Deadline has passed for incoming Fall 2016 First-Year students. If you are a TRANSFER STUDENT who would like to apply upon your admission to Augsburg College, you can do so by filling out the respective application based on your fine arts interest.

Scholarship Weekend Auditions: February, 2017


Though not need-based, these awards may be part of a total need-based financial package.  Subsequent renewal is at the discretion of the Director of Music.

In order to audition for a Fine Arts Scholarship, you must first be admitted to Augsburg College and plan to be a full-time student seeking your first bachelor’s degree. Students currently enrolled at Augsburg College may not apply. Scholarship recipients need not major in music, but must participate in a large-group ensemble and private lessons (there is a fee for private lessons).  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND SCHOLARSHIP WEEKEND, PLEASE CONTACT SHONNA FULFORD AT 612-330-1577 OR




Create a Word document with the following categories filled out.


Performance Organizations Dates (state name of group; your participation; in what capacity you participated: i.e. State Symphony. Participated for 4 years in the first violin section. Assisted with sectionals, built website, was featured soloist in spring concert) Lessons/classes/private study Dates (include names of primary teachers and their title: i.e. Private piano lessons in the studio of Dr. Jane Smith 2001-2004; or theory classes with John Smith 2004-06) Music Festivals/Camps/Workshops/Special Programs Dates (state name of program; brief description; where)


Dates List Concerts/Performances and brief description (i.e. solo clarinet recital, junior year. Program included Mozart concerto; Schumann Fantasy Pieces, etc.)


List competitions, awards, honors you have received Dates Additional recognition of your work Dates (i.e. Featured guest on the local news station XCV that did a program about talented young musicians; or picture in local newspaper for serving the community by playing music for retirement communities, etc.)


Add any additional category that you feel reflects you and the unique/individual nature of your work (i.e. Teaching Experience; Recording and/or Studio Work; Community Service; etc.)



This form should be completed by the professional director/teacher/mentor most familiar with the student’s music capability. Augsburg College Fine Arts Scholarships in Music are awarded by Augsburg music faculty to incoming first-year and transfer students with demonstrated ability and exceptional potential for growth in music. Recipients are selected based on the student’s scholarship application, résumé, teacher recommendation, and an on-campus audition.



Audition for the Augsburg music faculty by performing a piece of your choice that you feel most comfortable playing. For piano and vocal auditions, perform two contrasting pieces. The music faculty may ask questions following your performance. There is a 5-minute time limit. You will be contacted to schedule an audition time only after you have been admitted to Augsburg College and Admissions has received your completed Fine Arts Scholarship Application. For students entering Spring Semester,  auditions will be scheduled by appointment. For students entering Fall Semester, auditions will be held during scholarship weekend.