Visual Arts - Fine Arts Scholarship

The Fine Arts Scholarship in Visual Arts recognizes incoming students who have excelled in studio arts and who plan to actively participate in the visual arts at Augsburg.

To be considered for a Fine Arts Scholarship in Visual Arts, applicants must:

Please note, the visual arts resume, teacher recommendation, and essay may be submitted via email to or faxed to 612-330-1590.

Amount:  $3,000 per year, with one full tuition scholarship awarded to the top Fine Arts student. Fine Arts Scholarships are renewable for up to four years.

Final Deadline for Application: The Fine Arts Scholarship Deadline has passed for incoming Fall 2016 First-Year students. If you are a TRANSFER STUDENT who would like to apply upon your admission to Augsburg College, you can do so by filling out the respective application based on your fine arts interest.

Scholarship Weekend Auditions: February, 2017

In order to audition for a Fine Arts Scholarship, you must first be admitted to Augsburg College and plan to be a full-time student seeking your first bachelors degree.  Students currently enrolled at Augsburg College may not apply.  Scholarship recipients need not major in the visual arts, but are required to participate in various exhibits, Art Clubs, and other departmental activities.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND SCHOLARSHIP WEEKEND, PLEASE CONTACT SHONNA FULFORD AT 612-330-1589 OR




Submit your resume in a Word or other electronic form. Make sure to include the following sections:


  • Schools and/or colleges (if transfer applicant) attended (include dates)
  • Program/degree completed


  • Organizations (Name of group, your participation, in what capacity you participated— i.e. Art Club. Participated for three years. Served as vice president for one year. Coordinated activities.)
  • Lessons/classes/private study (include names of primary teachers and their title: i.e. Art class in the studio of Jane Smith 2001-2004)
  • Camps/workshops/special programs (Name of program, brief description, location)


  • List exhibitions with brief description (i.e. Senior Art Show, Juried/Non-Juried, Minneapolis High School)


  • List competitions, awards, honors you have won or were a finalist for
  • Additional recognition of your work (i.e. newspaper stories, outside work, internships, etc.) OTHER CATEGORY Add any additional category that you feel reflects you and the unique/individual nature of your work (e.g. teaching experience/assistant, etc.).



The recommendation form should be completed by the professional teacher/mentor who is most familiar with the student’s visual arts ability.



Write a 250-word essay on the following topic “Tell us about a time your artwork made a difference to you and how it engaged a community.”



Include 10-12 original art works, presented digitally or slide format (JPEG AND TIFF ONLY). DO NOT send actual original art works. Advance documentation is preferred, but actual original art works can be brought to the interview if you cannot provide digital formatting or slides in advance. For digital work samples, each file should be named with the artist’s surname and a number that corresponds to an identification sheet (example: Smith_01). Images should be at least 72 DPI in resolution and not larger than 3 MB per image.

A zip file of images/documents may be uploaded in the application above or a URL may be provided to an online portfolio. Files can also be sent directly to Shonna Fulford at



You will be contacted to schedule an interview only after you have been admitted to Augsburg College and Admissions has received your completed Fine Arts Scholarship application. For students entering Spring Semester, interviews will be scheduled by appointment. For students entering Fall Semester, interviews will be held during scholarship weekend.