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Flexibility in Central America

Katie is a junior at Duke University, currently studying abroad in Central America with CGEE. This is an excerpt from Katie’s blog, which you can find here. Her blog is a great resource for anyone considering study abroad in Central America!

Katie B, Casa Xelaju, fall 2015
What does flexibility look like traveling in Central America?

It looks like getting used to rescheduling your classes when they’re cancelled due to protests over corruption (Guatemala) or the building of a new canal (Nicaragua).

​It looks like knowing your taxi or shuttle might not arrive on time, without letting that stress you out.

It looks like figuring out how to bathe in a little den with a pot of boiling water and two buckets.

It looks like not being scared to ask for directions every once (or twice) in a while.

It looks like being open to making mistakes while learning a new language and understanding that you won’t understand everything.  And that’s okay.

…And it looks like realizing that sometimes the best experiences in life are the unplanned experiences.