Work Connections (Augsburg Experience)

Augsburg Experience: Work-Connections  (available for WEC and AU students only) 

The Augsburg Experience integrates experiential learning with academic learning and links on-campus learning to the constituency goals, mission, needs or ideas of off-campus people, organizations and/or communities, through community partners and/or professional activities and/or travel.  The main goals of the Augsburg Experience are to link the theoretical with the practical and to link the on-campus experience to the wider community.

The WEC/AU Work-Connections option will meet the same criteria and goals of all other Augsburg Experience options but allow WEC/AU students to utilize their rich and often extensive work history to meet the requirement.  WEC/AU students who are currently working full or part-time will have the option of registering their related work experience in lieu of an internship.  The “0″ credit Work Connections course will  include writing learning outcome goals that integrate experience with classroom learning and utilize reflection assignments based on the current work experiences/jobs of the students.

In order for a WEC/AU student to have his/her current job qualify for an Augsburg Experience, follow the steps below:

  1. Consult with the Strommen Center staff (Cindy Peterson at or 612-330-1754) prior to the term you wish to register to discuss requirements and to have your proposed work experience approved.
  2. Register for the “0” credit Work-Connections course online (Note: prior approval of the site by Strommen staff is required to register).
  3. Set learning goals connecting education and work experience.
  4. Complete the Augsburg Experience reflection questions in a final paper.
  5. Students receive a grade of “P” (participation with no credit) when requirements are completed.