Study Abroad

Students may complete their Augsburg Experience through a wide range of short-term or semester-long study abroad options.  Augsburg College is a national leader in providing high quality study abroad programs through the award-winning Center for Global Education.  See the Augsburg Abroad and the Center for Global Education websites for the full range of short-term and semester options.  Augsburg collaborates with dozens of partner programs to bring you an enormous range of options.

Credit-bearing study abroad experiences will automatically fulfill the Augsburg Experience requirement if the registration process is completed through Augsburg Abroad. Some non-credit-bearing study abroad experiences (such as international trips with musical ensembles or athletic teams) will also qualify — contact Augsburg Abroad and the program leader for more information.  (For the non-credit study abroad option, students must enroll in the 0-credit AUG EX1 seminar during the semester in which they are completing the experience.)

Faculty and staff developing an AugEx study abroad experience should work with the Augsburg Abroad staff and the Director of General Education to design a quality learning experience that incorporates best professional practices. Independent student travel is not eligible for AugEx credit.

“The importance of providing students with the opportunity to study in other countries cannot be overvalued.  Programs that engage participants actively in the life of the country they are visiting –through study, living arrangements, research projects, service or work – can develop competence as well as knowledge.  Efforts are needed to make such opportunities available and feasible for the full range of U.S. students, including minority and low-income students and pre-professional, science and technology students.”

(Carnegie Corporation of New York, 2000, “Liberal arts education for a global society.”)