Study Abroad

“The importance of providing students with the opportunity to study in other countries cannot be overvalued.  Programs that engage participants actively in the life of the country they are visiting –through study, living arrangements, research projects, service or work – can develop competence as well as knowledge.  Efforts are needed to make such opportunities available and feasible for the full range of U.S. students, including minority and low-income students and pre-professional, science and technology students.”

(Carnegie Corporation of New York, 2000, “Liberal arts education for a global society.”)

Guidelines for Developing Study Abroad Opportunities:

Augsburg Experience (AugEx) learning opportunities are available to all Augsburg students through semester and short term study abroad experiences with both credit and non-credit options.  The minimum requirement for a study abroad experience to satisfy the AugEx requirement will be 7 days of learning activities in an international setting.  Faculty and staff developing an AugEx study abroad experience should work in consultation with the Center for Global Education and Experience staff to develop a quality learning experience that incorporates best professional practices. Independent student travel is not be eligible for AugEx consideration.

A.   Specific Guidelines for study abroad with academic credit

  1. All semester long study abroad Augsburg Experiences will be credit bearing.  Students may register for any semester or year long study abroad program approved through the Office of International Programs including:
    1. Center for Global Education semester programs
    2. HECUA international semester programs
    3. International Partner institutions – semester or year long
    4. Approved external study abroad programs
  2. Any Augsburg semester course (either day or WEC) that includes a minimum 7 day international travel component that is integral to the course may be approved for an Augsburg Experience.
  3. Summer session study abroad Augsburg Experiences will be an integral part of a credit-bearing course.  Students will register for one of the following:
    1. Travel course(s) offered in an international setting
    2. Course with a minimum 7 day international travel component
    3. International Partners summer internship
    4. External study abroad program approved through the Office of International Programs

B.  Specific Guidelines for non-credit study abroad experiences

  1. Non-credit study abroad Augsburg Experiences may be sponsored by faculty, staff, or campus groups if they are planned in conjunction with the Office of International Programs staff to address the following requirements:
    1. minimum of 7 days of learning activities in the host community
    2. pre-departure orientation and re-entry session
    3. focused reflection activities during the travel time that facilitate student learning from the experience