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The River Semester

The Augsburg Experience Requirement

At Augsburg, we learn by doing. High-impact learning experiences are the trademark of an Augsburg education—and every student does at least one. The Augsburg Experience involves direct experience and focused reflection that leads to increased knowledge, skills, relationships, and a stronger sense of one’s values and oneself. Through experiential education, students learn to conceptualize and solve problems, experiment and collaborate, and engage in systems thinking. Higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills grow out of direct experience in workplaces and community settings.

Spend a semester on the Mississippi River canoeing from St. Paul to New Orleans. Do research with a faculty mentor at Augsburg or at other institutions like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, or Mayo Clinic. Gain professional experience by interning at a Fortune 500 company in the Twin Cities. Explore the culture, people, and countryside of one of 90 countries through our study abroad programs.


Every Augsburg student is required to complete at least one high-impact learning experience, and many students find these opportunities so beneficial that they do more than one. Work-based learning experiences are essential parts of many majors. Auggies who do internships, field work, student teaching, practica, and clinicals gain hands-on experience as part of their education.

The most common ways that students complete their Augsburg Experience are:

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