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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Augsburg students required to have an Augsburg Experience?

Any undergraduate student who started fall of 2002 or later, as a first year student or transfer student, needs to complete at least one Augsburg Experience as part of the University’s general education “signature” requirements.

What exactly is the Augsburg Experience?

The Augsburg Experience enables students to gain first hand experience beyond the campus that links the liberal arts, classroom knowledge and skills with the larger world. This significant and practical element of your education will provide you opportunities to help you realize your capabilities draw out your potential, better equip you to make professional choices and engage you as an active participant in our local and global communities.

What are the options available to me?

The Augsburg Experience options are designed around five general categories that include:

  1. Internships, Cooperative Education, practicum, fieldwork, clinical, student teaching (work-based experience related to your major), and domestic semester programs such as HECUA and the Washington Center
  2. Extensive Service-Learning or Community-Based Learning Projects that may or may not be course related/embedded (Note: service-learning in a LAF course is not considered an Augsburg Experience)
  3. Study Abroad programs at worldwide program and partner university locations, ranging in length from one week to an academic year. Search programs here.
  4. Faculty-student research with a community/professional application component
  5. Approved special/individualized off-campus immersion experiences (domestic or international)

See the Augsburg Experience Flowchart for a visualization of the options available.

Do all majors have the same Augsburg Experience? 

The same Augsburg Experience opportunities are available to all students; however, recommendations to fulfill the Augsburg Experience may vary from major to major. For example, most Education majors will fulfill the Augsburg Experience through student teaching, physics majors might do faculty-student research, and psychology majors can fulfill the Augsburg Experience through their required internship. Some majors have developed courses which contain applied community based service or projects. Many students will opt to do internships in their major or study abroad for a semester. Please check the list of majors for a link to your major which will provide you with more information and talk with your academic advisor.

Must I complete the Augsburg Experience in my major and does it have to be done for academic credit?

No, on both accounts, the Augsburg Experience was designed to allow students to take advantage of these valuable learning experiences as part of their major or outside of their major. In addition, the Augsburg Experience may be for credit or not for credit. For example, a student may choose to do a not-for credit cooperative education work experience or participate in an approved Augsburg sponsored alternative spring break for their Augsburg Experience.

Can I only have one Augsburg Experience?

You can complete as many as you like and can fit into your schedule. We hope that Augsburg students will take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. A semester studying abroad or short term international experience, plus an internship, plus working on a research project with a faculty member will provide you with the multiple experiences and skill set that many employers and graduate school programs are looking for.

How do I know what Augsburg Experience(s) is best for me?

Planning ahead is the best answer. Typically the Augsburg Experience is done in the Junior or Senior year but you will want to start planning before that. By working with your academic advisor, you will be guided towards the best experience for your major and personal and career goals. The best place to start is to meet with staff in the Center for Service, Work, and Learning, the Center for Global Education and your academic advisor to discuss the various options and opportunities.

How will the opportunities I select be “counted” as an Augsburg Experience?

Your advisor will help you make sure proper documentation is done. Some Augsburg Experiences, such as internships, co-op education, student teaching, and fieldwork have course registration and will “automatically” be identified by the registrar’s office and noted in your student record. Other Augsburg Experiences such as short term travel experiences, faculty-student research, or course embedded community service-learning should be documented on a special form by the sponsoring faculty or staff and sent to the registrar’s office.

I already have had lots of work experience, volunteer experience or have traveled abroad. It seems like an Augsburg Experience to me. Why doesn’t that count?

The Augsburg Experience is intended to bring together experience, academic learning and intentional reflection. Only approved experiences carried out under the supervision of an Augsburg faculty or staff member qualifies for the Augsburg Experience requirement. This is to enable and ensure that students critically reflect on their experience and link their Augsburg education, classroom knowledge and skills with the larger world.

Are there options that might work better for Weekend College students?

All options are available to and encouraged for adult undergraduate students; however, the Cooperative Education option may suit some students who are working full-time. Cooperative Education (co-op) is paid work experience related to a student’s major. Adult undergraduate students who wish to utilize their extensive work experience can register for the coop 0-credit transcript notation, and with participation in a work-connections seminar, fulfill the Augsburg Experience.

Are there courses that fulfill the Augsburg Experience?

Some academic majors/departments offer courses that contain off-campus experiences through service learning, practicum or course projects that may fulfill the Augsburg Experience. Contact your department’s Augsburg Experience liaison, the department chair or your advisor for more information about possible courses in your major.