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Internships are a great way to get professional experience and complete the Augsburg Experience. Students can work with an organization or business, either locally or globally. Students can meet with their academic advisor and get support from the Strommen Center or the Center for Global Education and Experience to identify the best internship for their interests and career goals.


The best internships are carefully planned. The following steps are done before the start of the internship semesters to ensure a successful internship experience.

  1. Identify the internship site. If you need help, visit the Strommen Center or search for an internship on Handshake.
  2. Make contact with the internship supervisor and establish a schedule. Typically the minimum number of hours is 160 for a 4-credit internship and 80 hours for 2-credits.
  3. Enroll in a 397 or 399 internship seminar in the relevant department or program and fill out this Internship Registration Form.

At the start of a credit-bearing internship, a student should discuss the following with their faculty supervisor:

  1. Create a schedule to meet with the faculty supervisor over the course of the internship (if not enrolled in an internship seminar.)
  2. Students and their faculty supervisor will develop a learning agreement and identify the assignments that will demonstrate quality reflection and progress on outcomes. Best practices and suggestions are available on the Strommen Center website.
  3. Faculty members may choose to create and send evaluations to both students and their site supervisor at the completion of the internship.
  4. The faculty supervisor will submit a grade to the Registrar’s Office. The successful completion of the academic component will indicate fulfillment of the Augsburg Experience.


Students may also opt to complete a zero-credit internship. In order for the internship to fulfill the Augsburg Experience requirement and be listed on the student’s transcript, the student can work with the Strommen Center to complete the requirements.

Visit the Strommen Center website to learn how to register for a zero-credit Augsburg Experience internship.