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Degree Requirements 2017-2018

American Indian Studies Major

Nine courses including:

AIS 105 – Introduction to American Indian Studies

AIS 205 – Contemporary American Indians

ENL 255 – American Indian Literature

or AIS 264 – American Indians in the Cinema

HIS 236 – American Indian History

RLN 370 – American Indian Spirituality and Philosophical Thought

In addition, students must complete four electives. At least four of the courses toward the major must be upper division.

Elective course options:

AIS 208 – Native American Women and Film

AIS 233 – Women: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

AIS 264 – American Indian in the Cinema

AIS 299 – Directed Study

AIS 305 – Indigenous Issues of the Americas

AIS 320 – American Indian Women

AIS 332 – Native American Storytelling

AIS 364 – Indigenous Filmmakers

AIS 396 – Internship

AIS 399 – Internship

AIS 408 – Native American Women and Film

AIS 405 – Indigenous Activism and Resistance in the Americas

AIS 490 – Indigenous Issues of the Americas

AIS 495 – Topics

AIS 498 – Independent Study/Research

AIS 499 – Independent Study

ART290 – Native American Art

ENL255 – American Indian Literature

ENL355 – Themes in American Indian Literature

OJB111 – Beginning Ojibwe I

OJB112 – Beginning Ojibwe II

*AIS Majors may complete the Keystone requirement either by taking AIS 490 (travel seminar), AIS 405, KEY 490 or another approved keystone course.

Graduation Skills

Graduation skills in Critical Thinking (CT), Speaking (S), and Writing (W) are embedded throughout the offered courses and are met by completing the major. The graduation skill in Quantitative Reasoning (QR) is met by GST 200, MAT 163, MAT 164, or PHI 230. Transfer students must consult an advisor about potential adjustments to their course requirements to fulfill each of these skills.

American Indian Studies Minor

Five courses including AIS 105. At least two courses must be upper division.

For a complete list of courses and descriptions, see the Course Description Search.