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Annual Strategic Initiatives

board_2[1]During each academic year, the University community focuses on a set of strategic initiatives that move us closer the vision of Augsburg 2019.

Strategic Initiatives for 2018-19

  1. Develop and pilot a user-friendly data analytics framework to support academic, enrollment and financial planning.
  2. Prototype and beta test a vocation-focused e-portfolio, designed to become a distinctive and synthesizing element of Augsburg’s undergraduate program.
  3. Plan and launch Augsburg’s year-long sesquicentennial celebration.
  4. Develop a comprehensive plan for the Strommen Center, positioning workforce readiness and alignment as one strategic focus of the Augsburg2025 plan.
  5. Develop the Augsburg2025 strategic plan.

Strategic Initiatives for 2017-18

  1. Develop a multi-year, integrative academic plan for Augsburg University that articulates a distinctive academic vision, aligns academic programs and committees with a new university structure, clarifies roles and responsibilities121108_a01625[1], strengthens administrative support for faculty work, and refines key processes and organization of academic administration.
  2. Develop a new student-centered general education curriculum that expresses and responds to Augsburg’s institutional distinctiveness, commitments, and urban location.
  3. Redouble our efforts as a leader in experiential education; expand and integrate experiential learning opportunities, especially those that build equity, increase student readiness, and open doors to meaningful work.
  4. Organize facilities management to build on the strategic impact exemplified by the Hagfors Center; implement multi-year, inclusive facilities planning and proactive management focused on our distinctively urban campus experience and excellent design.
  5. Improve financial management at all levels of the organization, strengthening practices of multi-year budget planning, strategic prioritization of resources, forecasting and modeling.

Strategic Initiatives for 2016-17

  1. Complete campus master plan update to address priorities informed by Hagfors Center completion.
  2. Improve performance against enrollment targets in the Adult Undergraduate (AU) and Rochester programs.
  3. Implement student success initiatives and advising framework, informed by program review recommendations, to improve student progress to graduation by 2 percent in 2017.
  4. Further integrate diversity and inclusion efforts into teaching & learning, hiring, and student success programs, with a focus on building toward equity.
  5. Develop case and implementation plan to become Augsburg University in name and structure.
  6. Design and launch new alliance with Luther Seminary; complete initial shared services implementation.
  7. Develop and test endowment campaign case focused on teaching and learning, affordability, and Augsburg’s areas of distinction.

Strategic Initiatives for 2015-16

  1. Complete CD phase and plan groundbreaking for the Center for Science, Business, and Religion.
  2. Equip systematic program development and enhancement for enrollment growth.
  3. Create comprehensive plan to become the premier private higher education provider in Rochester.
  4. Launch next phase of Augsburg Promise initiative, new alignment of efforts to raise retention and graduation rates.
  5. Organize ongoing, systematic effort to increase faculty and staff diversity.
  6. Update shared leadership structures.
  7. Position Augsburg as anchor institution, taking a lead role locally and nationally.
  8. Consider becoming Augsburg University.