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Augsburg 2019

Small to our students, big for the world

111007_quad[1]Augsburg 2019 is a strategic vision statement the campus community developed to guide Augsburg University through its sesquicentennial year. Divided into three dimensions, each with three goals, the plan succinctly articulates institutional initiatives to fulfill Augsburg’s mission to educate students to be informed citizens, thoughtful stewards, critical thinkers, and responsible leaders.

It challenges Augsburg’s engaged community to embrace lives of purpose and to support innovative, collaborative learning that advances our complex, interconnected world. It promotes diversity, integrity and respect—distinguishing Augsburg as a student-centered, urban university defined by excellence and guided by faith, values, and a global, inclusive perspective.

Dimensions of the strategic vision are:131031_calc_class_125[1]

  • Educating for lives of purpose—across the disciplines, beyond the classroom, and around the world.
  • At the table with our neighbors and institutional partners, shaping education to address the world’s needs.
  • Built for the future—a vital and sustainable institution.