Program Overview

business_overview1The Department of Business Administration offers eight majors: business administration (BUS), management, accounting (ACC), finance (FIN), international business, management information systems (MIS), marketing (MKT) and a combined major in business and economics.

Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to prepare students for professional careers in business or for graduate studies. This preparation involves a curriculum that stresses analysis and communication, emphasizes both theory and practice, and is shaped by the needs of the business community. The department fosters close ties with the corporate community that provide a wealth of practical expertise, a variety of internship opportunities, and future job prospects. The faculty believe they can best serve both the student and the community by providing an education that is technically competent, ethically based, and socially aware.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must complete at least four of the upper division courses required in the major at Augsburg or obtain an exemption from the department. Transfer courses must be approved by the department. Courses taken more than 10 years ago will not be accepted.


Students who plan to pursue a major within the department are strongly encouraged to select a departmental adviser who teaches in their major. This should be done by the end of the sophomore year at the latest. Departmental faculty can also counsel majors on their careers, assist in obtaining internships or jobs, and provide letters of recommendation for prospective employers or graduate programs. In addition to your faculty advisor, the Department Administrator can also help with questions related to declaring a major, registration, transfer credits, study abroad and course planning.