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Favorite Place in Cuernavaca

This is a guest post by Alicia Olness, an Augsburg College student spending the summer in Mexico with CGEE. 

Café Colibrí, Cuernavaca 2 Café Colibrí, Cuernavaca

In Cuernavaca there are many different coffee shops in the town’s center, but Café Colibrí has been my favorite here so far. Colibrí means hummingbird in Spanish, and honestly there is no better name for this cafe. The hummingbird is a symbol of all good things in life, things that bring joy to your heart and here is where you can find that. Not only is it a great area to study with the relaxing sounds of music coming from the zocalo (town’s center), but they also serve delicious Mexican food, and exciting different drinks such as my personal favorite, a mocha with chocolate ice cream. These are just a few reasons why I consider Café Colibrí as my favorite place in Cuernavaca, Mexico.