Fun Facts

About Augsburg College

  • Staff employees receive 16 hours a year for community service. Augsburg is one of six higher education institutions in the nation to receive the 2010 Presidential Award for Community Service. Augsburg is the only college in Minnesota to recieve this distinquished honor. During the 2009-10 school year, Auggies contributed nearly 200,000 hours of community service to programs including course-based service-learning, Campus Kitchen, Bonner Leaders, Urban Scrubs Camp, Community Gardens, GEMS/GISE/STEM summer programs, and much, much more. We are proud of the more than 1,700 students who participated in academic service-learning last year, and the more than 200 faculty and staff who joined them.

About the Twin Cities and Minnesota

  • Ranks 4th as a college destination, only Boston/Cambridge, D.C. and the San Francisco Bay area rank higher.
  • Home to 3 million people, 15th largest metro area in the U.S. Smaller than New York, larger than San Diego, St. Louis and Denver.
  • Ranks number one as the world’s most “knowledge competitive” region by Robert Huggins Associates, a United Kingdom international research company.
  • Home to 20 Fortune 500 companies
  • 58 professional and community live-performance theaters, 30 museums, 51 night clubs, 949 lakes and 40,000 acres of parkland.
  • Only New York City has more theater seats per capita. Time magazine ranked the Children’s Theatre the best in the country.
  • Home to more than 20 colleges and universities
  • Ranked 2nd as “coolest community for young talent” by Next Generation Consulting.
  • Home to five professional sports teams including the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild and Lynx.
  • One of the largest Native American populations in the U.S., and the Somali, Hmong and Liberian populations are the largest in the U.S. The Tibetan population is the second largest in the U.S.