Course Schedule

Most courses meet six or seven times in a 15 week semester. In-class sessions last five hours.  Normally students complete the 8 courses and their associated practica in two years, but some complete it in 4 semesters, or a year and half.

Classes are offered on Augsburg’s Main Campus in Minneapolis and at its Rochester site at Bethel Lutheran Church in Rochester.   Courses use video conferencing between the two campuses. All courses also have an on-line component.  The distinguishing features of our programs, and a highlight for many of our students are the opportunities to complete practicums and courses in one or two week immersion format. Courses and practica are scheduled regularly in Namibia, Guatemala, Mexico, England, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, and the inner city of Minneapolis.

Master of Arts in Nursing 2015-2016 course schedule for summer 2016 classes.

Fall 2016 Master of Arts in Nursing schedule.