Potential Careers

Augsburg’s unique mathematics curriculum is designed to teach students to think critically and to communicate mathematical ideas clearly. Our courses emphasize connections to applications and relationships among mathematical concepts. Students work in small groups to investigate interesting mathematical problems. These investigations spark creativity and encourage independent thinking. Outside of regular coursework, students have many opportunities to engage in faculty-student research collaborations.

As a result, the Augsburg mathematics program attracts students with a wide variety of interests. Some are intrigued by mathematical discoveries for their own sake, while others are more interested in applying mathematical ideas to the natural world, or even the arts.

Many mathematics majors have good jobs waiting for them when they graduate. Among other places, alumni of the department can be found in the Peace Corps, graduate schools, engineering firms, the insurance industry, statistical research departments, corporations, and secondary schools. They work in operations research, as statisticians, actuaries, teachers, computer programmers, system analysts, and consultants.

For more information on careers in mathematics, see the following sites: