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3D Printing

In 2014 Augsburg acquired a 3D printer for use by both faculty and students. The printer has already been used to print objects to demonstrate its capabilities, for classroom demonstrations, for use in lab experiments, and for educational activities for students and professors.

As an example, we have printed an NMR tube holder for Dr. Wentzel, a Chemistry professor. Dr. Wentzel wanted a way to carry NMR tubes, thin test-tubes which hold chemicals, over to his collaborators at the University of Minnesota. Thus, an NMR tube holder was designed and printed for him (see picture), allowing for easier and safer carrying of these test tubes.

Another object that has been printed is a microfluidics mold for Dr. Stottrup. Dr. Stottrup is involved in Physics experiments with microfluidics – experiments with incredibly small amounts of fluids. Dr. Stottrup required a mold with which to make multiple channels through which fluids could be carefully mixed. Thus, a mold was created that fit his criteria, allowing him to create multiple microfluidics mixing devices.

The 3D printer is currently available for use by both students and faculty. See this pamphlet or the Augsburg Community 3D Printing Moodle page for more information. For more information contact Professor Haines at