NASA Spacegrant Scholarships and Fellowships

Each year, the NASA Space Grant Program at Augsburg College offers several scholarships to undergraduate students majoring in the natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, engineering, or in science or mathematics education.  Selection of applicants is based on application, academic preparation, academic performance, and potential in space science and related careers.

These scholarships are open to all full-time Augsburg undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens, and students from traditionally under-represented groups in science and mathematics fields are especially encouraged to apply.  To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be an Augsburg student during both the fall and spring semesters.  Scholarship funds will be distributed during the spring semester.

The NASA Space Grant Program at Augsburg College awards from 4 to 8 scholarships each academic year, with about half of the scholarships being awarded to women and underrepresented minorities.   During the Fall 2014 scholarship competition, $8,000 will be available, in the following two categories:

Emerging Scholarships (Sophomore-Junior):  Scholarships of $1000 to encourage students whose course of study shows progress in meeting the criteria of this scholarship program.

Enhanced Scholarships (Sophomore-Senior):  Scholarships of $2000 to support students who have shown considerable progress in meeting the criteria of  this scholarship program.

Information about the annual scholarship competition, held in October, is circulated to faculty in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Education, Mathematics, and Physics.  Students may also directly contact Prof. David Murr, current Director of Augsburg’s Space Grant program, by e-mail at or by telephone at (612) 330-1068.

Full Application Packet for 2014 at