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Pathways to Engineering at Augsburg

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In all cases, the path begins with pre-engineering coursework at Augsburg, which is essentially the first two years of a Physics major (see the Engineering-Related Coursework page). The paths then diverge into the following three options:

Pathway 1

Auggies can major in a STEM program, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, or Computer Science, and then pursue an advanced degree (Masters, PhD) in a specific engineering field (mechanical-, electrical-, chemical-, materials-, aerospace-engineering, etc.). This is the most common pathway; contact us to hear about the many past Physics majors to follow this path to an engineering career.

NOTE: Most PhD engineering programs offer fully covered tuition and a salary for research!

Example: Cain Valtierrez-Gaytan, 2016 Physics Major, PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering at University of MN.

Pathway 2

Auggies can major in a STEM program and get an industry job as an engineer immediately after graduation. This is a common pivot from Pathway 1 for students interested in joining the local workforce (such as 3M, Medtronic, General Mills, etc.) quickly.

Example: Chase Grieves, 2017 Physics and Chemistry Major, Process Engineer, Polar Semiconductor

Pathway 3

After taking pre-engineering coursework, students can apply to other undergraduate engineering programs to finish a bachelor’s degree in a specific engineering sub-field. This path is not as common as Pathways 1 and 2, but please contact us to hear about past students to follow this path.