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Zyzzogeton Research Symposium

Hosted by URGO, McNair, and STEM ProgramsStudent presenting at Z

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Hagfors Center atrium

About Zyzzogeton

Augsburg celebrates the creativity and scholarship of undergraduate students with its annual Zyzzogeton festival. The festival falls at the end of each academic year and is a culmination of achievement featuring work across departments. Over 80 students participate each year, showcasing their research. A “zyzzogeton” is a green leaf-hopper as well as the last word in the Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which is a fitting symbol to mark the end of the academic year. ┬áThe public is welcome, so please come join us for this exciting event!

Read 2018 Poster Abstracts

A sampling of posters from past Zyzzogeton Festivals: