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Mayo Innovation Scholars cohort
Augsburg’s Mayo Innovation Scholars research the science and marketability of medical devices invented by Mayo Clinic scientists.

Why research?

As a student researcher you can…

  • Explore topics in-depth and discover what interests you in your field
  • Develop technical and marketable skills
  • Enhance your writing, speaking, and critical-thinking abilities
  • Build a professional relationship and reputation with a faculty mentor
  • Network with peers and professionals in your field

Research prepares you for the future

Whether you are planning to go to graduate school or straight to the workforce, a research experience will help you develop as a professional and stand out among fellow applicants.  Many businesses and non-profit organizations today are data-driven, making research skills highly valuable to employers.  Research experience also indicates to graduate schools that you understand the research process; you are aware of some of the current questions being asked in your field; you have the persistence necessary for meeting the intellectual, organizational and procedural challenges research inevitably presents; and ultimately, that you are serious about your chosen field of study.