Cooking Cuban Food in Ohio!

A quick but tasty post from Julian Cranberg, who traveled with CGE to Cuba in January, where he was impressed with all the services (but especially the cooking) at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in Havana.

I was in Cuba with a group of Oberlin College students in January. After we returned home, we had a special Cuban dinner that I cooked using the recipes from the fabulous cooks from the MLK center.

I had to drive for an hour to buy yuca, malanga and plantain because these things can be difficult to find in the United States.

Thanks to everyone at the MLK Jr. Center for all that you did during our trip.



Ten Tips for Traveling Vegans

This is a guest post from Oberlin student Evelyn Wagaman, who traveled to Cuba with CGEE as part of an Oberlin College class. She writes about being a vegan traveling to Cuba, but many of these tips can be helpful for vegans traveling anywhere!

Are you a devoted vegan thinking of traveling to Cuba on a trip with the Center for Global Education at Augsburg College? Never fear! I was in your shoes once, and I’m here to give you ten tips on how it can be done.

  1. Stock up on vegan encouragement before you leave. Talk with supportive friends and family while you’re still on U.S. soil, because once you’re in Cuba, there will be no calling or emailing them. I was the only vegan on my trip, so it helped to know that I had supporters back in the States to whom I could triumphantly declare upon my return, “I did it! I was a vegan in Cuba for two weeks!”

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Popular Educator/UNDP Consultant from Cuba to Visit Augsburg on March 31!

The Center for Global Education and Experience at Augsburg College (CGEE) is pleased to announce an upcoming international visitor to our Minneapolis campus, Carmen Nora Hernandez Chavez from the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center (MLKC) in Havana, Cuba. CGEE partners extensively with the MLKC on study abroad programs in Cuba, so we are excited to host Mrs. Hernandez Chavez on this stop of her U.S. speaking tour.

Speaker Bio

Carmen Nora Hernandez Chavez is a popular educator, an expert on gender issues, and one of the founding members of the MLKC in Havana, Cuba. As part of the MLKC, she coordinates and imparts training workshops to people involved in community projects throughout Cuba. Mrs. Hernandez Chavez has also worked as a consultant, researcher, and advisor on gender issues and the implementation of community projects for the United Nations Development Program and other international NGO’s in Cuba and other Latin American countries.

Event Details

Join CGEE and Mrs. Hernandez Chavez on March 31 from 12-1pm in the Augsburg Room of the Christensen Center (upper level) at Augsburg College.  A campus map is available here.  This is a casual event, so please feel free to bring a lunch.  Mrs. Hernandez Chavez will spend 20-30 minutes discussing the basics of popular education and offer several Cuban examples; the remainder of the time will be an open discussion with plenty of time for questions and answers on various Cuba-related topics.  If you plan to attend, consider letting us know by emailing Lucy Hardaker at, but RSVP is NOT required.


CGE Director to be panelist on US – Cuba Relations Summit

CGE Director, Regina McGoff, will be a panelist on an upcoming talk about US – Cuban relations. Regina has recently returned from Cuba, while leading a travel seminar for the University of Puget Sound from Tacoma, WA. CGE has led over 50 travel seminars in Cuba since 1999.

The event is hosted by U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar at the University of Minnesota. See below for details:

On Monday, February 23rd, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar will host the Modernizing U.S.-Cuba Relations Summit. This forum will highlight the historic opportunity for our country to modernize our relationship with Cuba. The event will be free and open to the public. Klobuchar will be joined by keynote speaker Michael Scuse, the USDA Undersecretary for Farms and Foreign Agriculture Services. There will also be a panel discussion with voices representing Minnesota’s agriculture, business, and Latino communities. Senator Klobuchar has been a strong proponent of normalizing ties with Cuba and increasing travel and commerce that could create new economic opportunities for American farmers and businesses while improving the quality of life for Cubans.