Pre-Law Concentration

The Pre-law concentration and related courses and support services, can provide those students interested in the law with successful preparation for law school and a career in the legal profession. The main elements of this preparation are training in critical and reflective thinking, analytic skills, public speaking and professional writing, research skills, and substantive knowledge of the workings of the U.S. and other legal systems. These can be obtained through a variety of courses and related learning experiences, but the most common path for Pre-law students is the Pre-Law Concentration option in the Political Science major.

Current students interested in law should meet with their Academic Advisor to work out an individualized plan that will best suit their interests and needs. The Pre-Law Advisor, the Center for Service, Work, and Learning, and the Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity Office also offer useful resources.

Recommended Courses (in addition to those in the Pre-law concentration; click on “Degree Requirements” above to see the Pre-Law requirements).

Below is a list of some of the courses that can help provide a solid foundation for Law School.

BUS 301 Business Law*

COM 111 Public Speaking*

COM 112 Contest Public Speaking*

COM 351 Argumentation*

COM 352 Persuasion*

HIS 120, 121, 122 U.S. History*

HIS 242, 243 History of African American Civil Rights

PHI 285/385 Formal Logic and Computation Theory*

PHI 300 Business Law and Ethics*

POL 122 Metropolitan Complex*

POL 124 American Women and Politics

POL 241 Environmental and River Politics*

PSY 325 Psychology and Law

SOC 265 Race, Class, and Gender*

SOC 277 Intro to Criminology*

SOC 375 Social Psychology*

THR 232 Acting* (especially for students considering being trial lawyers)

* offered annually (most of the other courses are generally offered every other year)

Also, for-credit internships and independent studies are excellent ways to increase your experience with the law, test your commitment to that career path, and establish good working relationships with faculty and staff, who will need to write letters of recommendation for you.

Careers in Law

Law remains a field with opportunities for work in all areas of the economy, public sector, and international arenas. Augsburg College graduates have gone to successful careers in private practice and with local and national law firms, in areas such as family, immigration, corporate, and public law. The Center for Service, Work, and Learning has information of the wide range of opportunities available for those considering the legal profession.

Augsburg faculty and staff with legal background or expertise:

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Milda Hedblom,; 612-330-1197.

Staff Advisors: Lynda Borjesson, Center for Service, Work, and Learning, 612-330-1167

Dixie Shafer, URGO office (LSAT Preparation and Graduate School Advising) 612-330-1447.

Current faculty with background or expertise in the law:

Nancy Steblay, Psychology (specializing in the psychology of the courtroom and crime witnesses)

Bob Groven, Speech and Communications; Director:Honors Program; a graduate of University of Minnesota Law School, Bob teaches Argumentation and Contest Speaking classes, which provide excellent background and skills for prospective law students.

Milda Hedblom, Political Science. Teaches courses in law, specializing in Communications and Media Law, and the European Union; Prof. Hedblom is a practicing lawyer with the firm of Lockridge, Grindal, Nauen & Holstein.


Pre-law concentration in Political Science planning sheet