Pre-Law Concentration

Front of Supreme Court building at dusk.

U.S. Supreme Court building at dusk.

The Pre-law concentration in Political Science can provide valuable preparation for law school and a career in the legal profession. This major provides training in critical and reflective thinking, analytic skills, public speaking and professional writing, research skills, and substantive knowledge of the workings of the U.S. and other legal systems.

Click on Degree Requirements on the right side to see courses that fulfill the Pre-Law concentration. Students interested in law should meet with their advisor to work out an individualized plan that will best suit their interests and needs.

Internships can also increase your experience with the law, although law firms often prefer applicants who are currently enrolled in law school. However, there are a wide variety of other internships that can provide exposure to the legal and lawmaking process.

Careers in Law

A law career provides opportunities for work in all areas of the economy, the public sector, and in international arenas. Augsburg College graduates have had successful careers in private practice and with local and national law firms, in areas such as family, immigration, corporate, and public law. The Center for Service, Work, and Learning has more information on career opportunities. The Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity Office usually offers LSAT preparation.

Contact information:

Andy Aoki, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Political Science,; 612-330-1634.

Milda Hedblom, Pre-law Advisor, Professor and Attorney, Dept. of Political Science,; 612-330-1197.

Dixie Shafer, Director URGO,; 612-330-1447.

Pre-law concentration in Political Science planning sheet