College Initiatives

Augsburg 2019

In January 2013, the Augsburg College Board of Regents launched a strategic planning initiative that involved conversations and input from across the campus community. The outcome of that work is a strategic vision statement that looks out to 2019, Augsburg’s sesquicentennial year: In 2019, Augsburg College will be a new kind of student-centered urban university–small to our students and big for the world. Augsburg 2019 PDF (October 2014)

Climate Action Plan: Green by 2019

The Climate Action Plan, submitted September 2010 by the “Green by 2019” task force, identifies current environmental sustainability initiatives that the College has implemented and outlines a climate action plan for Augsburg’s Minneapolis campus to become carbon neutral by 2019, the year of Augsburg’s sesquicentennial. Climate Action Plan PDF (updated September 2010)