Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship

Small to our students

As a small, student-centered college located in the vibrant and diverse Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in heart of Minneapolis, Augsburg embraces empowering civic engagement as a core part of its curriculum.

The Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship facilitates learning experiences across and beyond the campus through multiple pathways to civic engagement, service-learning, and off-campus student employment. We connect students to issues they’re passionate about and help them develop their capacities to be agents of democratic renewal and change.

Big for the world

The Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship is a leading authority in the field of civic engagement. We bring together the rich traditions of experiential education and public service—which shape Augsburg’s history—with the public work theory of citizenship, which has gained national and international attention for its innovative conceptual contributions and practical effects. Through practice and grounded theory building, we aim to revitalize and advance democracy as a way of life, not simply a trip to the ballot box.

The initiatives of the Sabo Center have brought national recognition to Augsburg College, drawing on its leadership in experiential education and community engagement.

Our namesake and heritage

Congressman Martin Olav Sabo ’59 exemplified the progressive approach and personal integrity that were modeled in his Lutheran upbringing and education. The Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship embodies such values, carrying forward Sabo’s abiding faith in the role which government can play both in improving the lives of citizens and also as an empowering partner for citizen-centered democracy.

The Sabo Center also directly descends from the people-driven change of the civil rights movement, continuing the movement’s mighty goal of “making real the promise of democracy.”

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