Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship

sabo_main2The Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship at Augsburg College focuses on the themes that honor the legacy of Congressman Martin Olav Sabo ’59:

  • Public Service
  • Citizenship
  • Public Policy
  • Political Processes
  • Deliberative Practice

Augsburg’s Sabo Center builds upon existing programs and creates new program opportunities—both inside and outside of the classroom—for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.

Augsburg continues to be recognized by the region and nation as a College with a strong commitment to engaging the community in opportunities for deliberative practice about public issues that are central to Sabo’s legacy and Augsburg’s focus, Education for Service.

The Sabo Center was founded on lessons that come from Representative Sabo’s work. These lessons focus on the role and character of citizenship in a vibrant democracy and guide our practice:

  • Civic engagement is a result of good citizenship
  • Successful political process depends on deliberative practice
  • Political leadership is a vocation in democracy
  • The art of politics is about how to get things done
  • Good decisions should be guided by values