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Study Abroad


In a joint effort with the Sociology Department and the English Department, the Urban Studies Program is offering a great study abroad opportunity to spend late May/early June 2018 studying how city design contributes to people’s happiness in the Study Abroad Experience, The Dark Side of the Happy City. Students will take 2 courses/8 credits, SOC111 City Life: Intro to Urban Studies and ENL270 Denmark and Iceland Through Film and Literature. Besides learning about Urban Design, we’ll be reading Viking sagas, and Noir short stories set in different Copenhagen neighborhoods. Follow this link for more details about the course and application information (scroll down the linked page for complete information).


In Urban Studies, it’s not just the Twin Cities that serves as our classroom, but world cities!

We have offered month-long travel courses, such as Sustainable Cities in North America that visited Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia. In May 2016 and May 2018, we’re offering The Dark Side of the Happy City, a study abroad course in Copenhagen, Denmark that explores how city design contributes to happiness (paired with a literature course on Noir stories, set in Copenhagen neighborhoods)

We also recommend the following off-campus study programs that have both semester-length and summer offerings:

Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)

IES Metropolitan Studies in Berlin

Danish Institute of Study Abroad Urban Studies in Europe

If you are interested in off-campus study in Urban Studies, please contact Lars Christiansen at