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Potential Careers

Urban Studies is a major that prepares students well for a variety of urban-related careers. Our alumni work throughout the Twin Cities metro region, the state of Minnesota, and beyond!

If you’re interested in making metro areas better places to live, Urban Studies can help prepare you for a career where you turn your hopes into reality. Our graduates work in careers involving transportation, affordable housing, community development, community organizing, urban sustainability, city government, and urban planning. Some of our alumni have gone on to graduate work in Urban Planning, Public Policy, and Administration, and other urban-related fields on the path to their careers.

Here’s just a brief list of the types of positions that Augsburg University Urban Studies alumni have held:

City Administrator

City Councillor

City Planners and Planning Technicians in many cities throughout Minnesota and the United States

Development Services Associate, Port Authority City of Saint Paul

Fire Fighter

Senior Project Coordinator, City of Minneapolis

Housing Support Specialist

Environmental Health Specialist, Anoka County

Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Saint Paul

Case Manager, Housing Services

Community Organizer

Research Analyst

Sustainability Coordinator

Urban Planner

Transportation Planner