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Travel to Amsterdam and Rotterdam IN MAY 2023

Love to explore? Have a sense of adventure? Like to walk and take trains? Like to ride bike? See cities by boat? Enjoy gardens? Markets? Architecture? Parks? Ever been interested in how the people of the Netherlands live? Do you have the desire to learn about innovative and creative solutions to environmental challenges? Would you like to have new ideas and tools to make positive changes back here in the U.S.?

Another Future is Possible: Sustainable Solutions in Rotterdam & Amsterdam

Faculty Leaders: Nancy Fischer (Sociology & Urban Studies) and Lindsay Starck (English)

On-Campus Course Meetings: M,T,W, Th,F, mornings, from Monday, May 8 to Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Travel Dates: Wednesday, May 17 – Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Applications are due January 31, 2023 Program is filled on first-come, first-served basis.

Program Overview

Although many of us may be feeling fear or despair about the global climate crisis and our ability to address problems such as rising sea levels, global warming, and persistent inequalities, this study-abroad experience centers on imagination, invention, tangible change, and hope for our collective future. In our on-campus class sessions and our two weeks in the Netherlands, we’ll discuss sustainability challenges such as energy, water, food, waste and pollution, housing, and transportation. Then we’ll explore the ways in which artists, scientists, and other creative minds have addressed those challenges in fiction, poetry, policies, and practices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. How can speculative literature and sociology help us invent and imagine new solutions to urban problems? What ideas from Rotterdam and Amsterdam might be implemented in the Twin Cities? What kinds of futures can we imagine for our rapidly changing world, and how do we transform those visions into a new reality?

If you’re interested in studying in Amsterdam & Rotterdam, please click this link for application information.

Would you like to spend a semester or summer abroad? We recommend IES’s Metropolitan & Urban Studies semester in Berlin, Germany. For an awesome summer study abroad experience, check out the Danish Institute for Study Abroad’s program in Copenhagen.

If you are generally interested in off-campus study in Urban Studies, please contact Nancy Fischer, Urban Studies Director, at